Outer Hebrides Biological Recording  Outer Hebrides Biological Recording
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Wildlife of the Outer Hebrides

Discovering our Natural Heritage
Annual Summaries of Biological Records

Each year we produce a report summarising the biological records submitted to OHBR within a calendar year. Each one is richly illustrated with photographs, maps and charts to provide an insight into the fascinating and diverse nature of the wildife of the Outer Hebrides. The majority of the records are submitted by a handful of very experienced local naturalists, but their contribution is supported and enriched by the participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment of a large number of local people and visitors engaging with nature. Whether it is a single record or many more, we would like to thank everyone for helping to expand our knowledge of our local wildlife and to map the biodiversity of the islands.

OHBR is committed to making the information we collect accessible and available to everyone, therefore this publication is available to read on-line or to download. The digital copies of the reports have been prepared to maintain the quality of the images and can be printed using a standard ink-jet printer. We have also provided copies at a higher resolution (300 dpi), but please note the large file size before downloading.