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Hebridean Naturalist 23

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2021 OHBR biological recording report
Discovering our Natural Heritage
Biological Recording in 2022

Each year brings its challenges for our community of biological recorders and the summer of 2022 will be remembered as cool, extremely dreich and with a notable absence of sunshine. Anecdotally we commented on the paucity of insects and this was reflected in the number of records submitted. Despite the difficult conditions, the resident recorders produced a diverse and interesting array of records and managed to find a number of new species.

The report is beautifully illustrated with photographs, brimming with maps and charts with background information which explains some of our results Whether it is a single record or many more, we would like to thank everyone for helping to expand our knowledge of our local wildlife and to map the biodiversity of the islands.

The reports on biological recording in the Outer Hebrides in 2017 to 2021 can be viewed and downloaded from the Publications section.

Signs of Spring 2023

Is it Spring yet? Probably not, but you can help us track the arrival of Spring through the islands by telling us when you first see or hear any of our 9 target species - 3 wild flowers, 3 birds and 3 insects. The arrival of spring in the Outer Hebrides is always unpredictable so it is important to measure the variation from year to year so that we can begin to understand the effect of climate change on our wildlife. It is designed to be fun and easy, so join us and help make a difference.

You can discover more about the project and how to participate on the Hebridean Spring Project pages.

To make it really easy we've produced a leaflet and an on-line recording form

There is an up-date of the results so far in our Biological Recording in 2022 report.
Species List of the True Flies (Diptera) of the Outer Hebrides

The latest version of the species list of Diptera (True Flies) is now available on the OHBR website.

Although the weather was not particularly good we managed to add a significant number of new species to the list and recorded an impressive number of species not recorded for over 30 years. You can discover more in our report for 2022 Discovering our Natural Heritage - Biological Recording in 2022.