Outer Hebrides Biological Recording  Outer Hebrides Biological Recording
  • Ulota bruchii
  • Six-spot Burnet
  • Eristalis pertinax
  • Polytrichum piliferum
  • Lime-speck Pug
  • Rhagio scolopaceus

Species Checklists

The checklists of species recorded in the Outer Hebrides (VC110) are compiled from records submitted to OHBR and by various organisations to the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland, together with records from the scientific literature and museum collections.These are not definitive lists and are reviewed on a regular basis. As most groups of invertebrates, fungi, lichens mosses and liverworts are under-recorded in the islands new species are still being added to the lists.

These are our biodiversity baselines and contain historical records which do not have precise dates or location details and are therefore too "vague" to be added to the NBN Atlas. Some of these will have the tag "no recent record" or "requires review", but this does not diminish their value, as we are no longer surprised when notified about a species that has not been recorded for 50 years or more.

With the exception of records submitted by OHBR, we cannot verify the accuracy of the identification nor whether these species are still present. However, we hope that you will find these lists useful, particularly when checking the status of a species. This is important as records of species not currently listed will need to be supported by information on how the species was identified to enable us to verify the record. We are always pleased to offer help advice and assistance with identification.

A bibliography of sources accompanies each list and a more extensive list of literature relating to the natural history of the Outer Hebrides can be found on the Outer Hebrides Natural History Bibliography website