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Outer Hebrides Biological Recording

Outer Hebrides Biological Recording


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OHBR is a voluntary organisation and the management of our database and associated activities is supported by NatureScot

Outer Hebrides Biological Recording (OHBR) was established in 2011 by a group of local amateur naturalists, to collect and collate information about the animals, plants and fungi which are found in the islands and to make these data available to everyone. Our aim is to build a comprehensive understanding of the islands' biodiversity and help ensure that any decisions that may affect the quality of our natural environment are made with the best available knowledge. We maintain a database of biological records, which are available on the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland supplemented by our hub of wildlife websites.

We encourage individuals and communities to recognise the importance of maintaining biodiversity to conserve their natural heritage and to become involved in biological recording. We offer support and guidance for local biological recorders, providing training opportunities for new and more experienced recorders to improve their skills. We are committed to working together with a range of academic and conservation bodies, professional biologists and other amateur naturalists, providing local knowledge and expertise to discover more about the natural life of our islands. OHBR may be small, but by working together with national institutions and voluntary organisations, the information we collect can make a difference.

We would like to acknowledge the expertise, commitment and generosity of the OHBR team of recorders who are turning an aspiration into reality and "putting dots" on the distribution maps for the Outer Hebrides for the benefit of us all.

Biological recording is not restricted to specialists, we are as interested in the observations of common, easily recognisable species as those which may be rare or difficult to identify. After all, what is common on Harris may be rare on Barra.

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Our friends at Outer Hebrides Birds aim to bring together people with an interest in birds and birding in the Outer Hebrides and to enhance their bird recording in the islands. The County Bird Recorder is responsible for collating records of birds and information on where to submit records is available on their website.

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