Outer Hebrides Biological Recording  Outer Hebrides Biological Recording
Yellow Flag Iris

Hebridean Spring Project

Signs of Spring

How to take part

  •   We have selected 9 species (3 plants, 3 birds and 3 insects) for you to look for, but you may not see all of them
  •   Please record the first time you see (or hear) any of the species on the list at your recording (site)
  •   Choose a recording site(s) that you can visit regularly e.g. your garden, a place where you regularly walk, as you will need to check the site regularly - once or twice a week should be fine. Once a species has been recorded on each of your sites, it can be forgotten until next year
  •   Add your observation to the record form. You can either use our on-line recording form or down-load our printed form and either post or e-mail it to the address on the form
  •   You can send us your records at any time during the spring

There is information about wildlife recording and how to get a map reference in the wildlife recording section of the website. If you are not able to provide a map reference you can use a postcode or the what3words app.

If you are unsure about the identification of a species, you can post a photograph on the Facebook page or contact one of the OHBR team to ask for help using the contact form on the website

We hope that you will find this survey interesting and fun, and that you will participate next year. Recording species at the same location each year will help us follow the spring throughout the islands year by year