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My Patch Project

There is an enormous range of wildlife surveys which cover abroad range of species and require different levels of expertise. Most will ask you to record either a single or a group of species for a given period of time. This may be the birds in your garden on a given day or the butterflies in your garden in June, but very few will ask to you record the wildlife you see at a particular place throughout the year.

We are familiar with the idea that different plants flower at different times of year and the same applies to animals too, we can find butterflies in the summer and frog spawn from February onwards. If we only recorded what we found in June and July we would miss all the wildlife which is only found in the spring and autumn. This approach can be very rewarding - a local naturalist recorded 283 species of insects in his garden in a 3 year period!

The My Patch project is about about the wildlife on our doorstep, discovering what animals and plants we can find at a particular site throughout the year. We would like to know about the wildlife you see on a regular basis, the common species as well as the more unusual. It is easy to take part, whether an expert or a beginner, you contribution will help us understand more about the communties of wildlife that are present in your neighbourhood.

If you are new to wildlife watching and would like to start with a less demanding survey you might like to try Garden Watch

Garden Watch

How to take part

  •  Your "patch" can be your garden, part of your croft, or a place that you vist
  •  You will need to record within the same area each time and will need to give us a map reference for your site. There is information about wildlife recording and how to get a map reference in the wildlife recording section of the website. If you are not able to provide a map reference you can use a postcode or the what3words app
  •  Please try to record the wildlife you see on your site on a regular basis, once or twice a month is fine and perhaps a little more frequently during the summer
  •  You can chose which species you wish to record. We would like you to include the common species as well as the more unusual. You might find the the species featured in the OHBR wildlife leaflets a good place to start
  •  Please record the species you see on each visit - if you saw a meadow brown butterfly on your last visit, you should still record it each time you see it
  •  If you are unsure about the identification of a species, you can post a photograph on the Facebook page or contact one of the OHBR team to ask for help using the contact form on the website
  •  Add your observation to the record form. You can down-load the form and either post or e-mail it to the address on the form
  •   You can send us your records at any time during the year