Outer Hebrides Biological Recording

Database of Biological Records

The main function of Outer Hebrides Biological Recording is to develop and maintain a database of biological records for the Outer Hebrides, including the outlying islands such as St. Kilda. As the custodians of these records, supplied by individual recorders, recording groups, research students and scientists, ecological consultants and environmental and conservation organisations, we have a responsibility to ensure that, as far as is possible, this data is accurate and is widely and freely available.

All our records, with certain restrictions for environmentally sensitive species or habitats, are made available through the National Biodiversity Network Scotland Atlas on-line database.

Descriptions of the OHBR datasets are available on the NBN Atlas website and you can view and download the records from each dataset. Please note that you will have to be a registered user to view or download the records

The use data from the NBN Atlas website is governed by the NBN Atlas Terms and Conditions, users should also be aware of the Guidance for using data and the Guidance on the definition of non-commercial use.

Information held on the database is made freely available for non-profit making purposes which meet the objectives of Outer Hebrides Recording, the use of the data for commercial purposes requires permission from OHBR. We do not make a charge for the use of our data but if a request is made which requires the the extraction, analysis or collation of records from the main database by commercial organisations and consultants there is a fee to cover the time required.

Composition of OHBR Database
OHBR database

63184 Biological Records - March 2018