Flora, Fauna & Fungi

Discover more about the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides

This is the gateway to a network of information about the animals, plants and fungi recorded in the Outer Hebrides. There are currently over 7,250 species in the National Biodiversity Network database for the Outer Hebrides and to make the information more accessible we have created a species information hub for each of the three main kingdoms: plants, animals and fungi.

The species lists are compiled from records submitted to National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland by OHBR and other organisations. Many taxa are under-recorded, and the lists are not comprehensive, however, they are a guide our current knowledge of the composition and distribution of the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides. The records are derived from a variety of sources and we can not verify the accuracy of the identification nor whether these species are still present.

To view information a distribution map of a species it is necessary to visit the NBN Atlas website. Please note that you have to register with NBN to view the records. If you intend to use data provided on this website or on the NBN Atlas you are required to comply with the NBN and OHBR terms and conditions.

Our species hub web sites are currently under-construction and are at different stages of development.