Checklists of Species Recorded in the Outer Hebrides

The checklists of species recorded in the Outer Hebrides (VC110) are derived from records submitted by various organisations to the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland. With the exception of records submitted by OHBR, we cannot verify the accuracy of the identification nor whether these species are still present. These are not definitive checklists; they do not include all the species recorded in literature or in museum collections; furthermore as most groups of invertebrates, fungi, lichens mosses and liverworts are under-recorded in the islands new species are still being added to the list.

We hope that you will find these lists useful when you are identifying species to check whether you are dealing with a potentially new species record for the islands. This is important because if you record a species not currently listed, and submit your record to OHBR you will be requested to supply further information on how the species was identified to enable us to verify the record. We are always pleased to offer help advice and assistance with identification.

An up-to-date checklist of the birds recorded in the Outer Hebrides can be down loaded from the Outer Hebrides Birds Website.